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     After trying a few different cleaning services I found Carpet Cleaner Soho to be the best in terms of price, reliability, and quality.
Raul Sanchez19/05/2020
     I am always very impressed with the amount of excellent service that is provided by you guys at my home!
Judy K.19/09/2019
     The cleaners from Carpet Cleaner Soho arrived promptly and worked efficiently until all the jobs has been completed.
Annie M.08/02/2019
      Soho Carpet Cleaning Company just left. I hire them to help me get the floor cleaning done once in awhile and some other odds and ends. I love their cleaners! They are always super friendly and nice, I would suggest them to anyone!
Krista W.28/07/2017
      Carpet Cleaner Soho delivered just what I've been looking for from my end of tenancy cleaners. As someone who has rented a fair few houses, I've definitely decided that hiring in the experts at the end of a lease is really beneficial. There's only one company I trust these days and I've used them a few times. Always get my deposit back, which means their low prices are even more appreciated.
Anna Hughes05/11/2015
     I am grateful for the professional end of tenancy cleaning that Soho Carpet Cleaning Company undertook at my apartment. I have now received my deposit back and the estate agent expressed how happy he was to see such a clean flat. He mentioned how he encountered tenants who left the house in a terrible mess. He thanked me and even asked me which cleaning agency had assisted me. I am sure he will be getting in contact with your team soon! Thank you, guys, for the fantastic work!
Abigail G.08/05/2015
     Cleaning is hard for me, because of the issues with my health. But that doesn't mean that I can't have a home that I can be proud of! All I did was call SohoCarpetCleaners, and they dispatched a cleaner that knew what they were doing. They tackled the hard to reach areas with both care and attention to detail. I've been hiring the same cleaner for months now, and I have no idea how I ever managed without her! Every experience has been wonderful, and it's reassuring that there are companies out there who do everything they can to help people like me. Thank you!
     Office cleanliness is just something that has to be maintained. I cannot stress this highly enough, and I have done to every single contractor that we have employed over the years. It is unbelievable how many seem incapable of understanding this, despite it being the job. That is why I am so glad we found SohoCarpetCleaners late last year. They have worked with us to make sure everything is spot on 100% of the time, which is a breath of fresh air considering some of the poor service we have had in the past. If you are looking for some people you can rely on, give these guys a call.
Jane Abbingdon30/01/2014

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